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Who are making bots in Vienna?
Our infographic about the bots landscape in Vienna.
Every month (usually on the last Tuesday of the month) we organise a bots meetup – event where everyone who is interested in chatbots can come to share their ideas, code and meet like-minded people. Join us!
Bots Meetup #12 24.08.17 TheVentury
Here's our agenda:
- Messenger 2.1 Update -- what is new and what it means
- Growth Hack your Bot
- Handover Protokoll (by David)

- The Journey of the Pioneers Bot.
Lessons learned and glimps into the future - Filip Stanev

Announcments and Sneak Peeks
- Facebook Developer Circles Vienna
- ChatBotConf 2017
Bots Meetup #11 30.05.17 Pioneers Edition
Welcome to Bots Meetup #11: Pioneers Edition
This time we have some very special guests who are coming to Vienna to discover the chatbot ecosystem here and also to particpate at the Pioneers'17.

Here is our Agenda:
Welcome & Intro to the chatbot ecosystem in Vienna
Last month in Bots

YuHsuan Chao (Singapore) botimize - helps to optimize your bot for happier customers, scientifically. ++
Artem Goldman (SF) Visabot – helps immigrants to make America great again. His topic: «Show me the money»: Monetisation, Fundraising, core metrics for early stage investors.
Efrat Rapoport (Tel Aviv) Bonobo.ai – drives personalised user engagement in conversational interfaces, vocal or textual, and helps aquire, grow and retain your users.
Networking Session
Bots Meetup #10 25.04.17 Rennweg 44
++ Welcome ++
++ How was the last 10 months, what's next ++
Natalie does some awesome infographics again!

++ Last month in Bots (David reports from F8) ++
++ Talk: Iconic Fan management tool ++
++ Show Case: GOSEPP ++
++ Show Case: TBA ++
++ Networking Session, Food & Drinks! ++
Bots Meetup #9 28.03.17 Sektor5
The second bots meetup in 2017 will be in awesome co-working space Sektor5.

(please contact Jakob Reiter or David Pichsenmeister if you want to get involved)

Barbara talks about BotBarcamp Wien. You can register for it if you haven't yet. It's a free event :)

Talk 1
Greg Leuch from Hi Poncho

Showcase 1
Elisabeth Meixner presents the A1 Bot

Talk 2
Petra Augustyn about General AI

Showcase 2
Casinos Austria Bot

Afterwards: mingle, brainstorm, exchange ideas, drinks ;)
Bots Meetup #8 28.02.17 Cocoquadrat Coworking
The second bots meetup in 2017 will be in awesome coworking spaceCocoquadrat. Also this time our hosts will be Barbara Ondrisek & Natalie Korotaeva.
A short wrap-up with links:
Barbara talked about BotBarcamp Wien. You can register for it if you haven't yet. It's a free event :)
Talk 1:
Thomas Schranz told the story of Lemmings I/O in and showed some bots which were developed during it: ComicBot, Idea Bot by TEDxVienna, Piobot & Artemis, Artnapper.
Talk 2:
Tom Lidy gave a short lecture about Deep Learning, here is his presentation: http://bit.ly/2m9pvlp
Talk 3:
Klemens explained how to use Google Analytics for chatbots:
Talk 4:
Gregor told about the progress on his bots framework E.D.D.I.: http://bit.ly/2m9sH0b
Claudia Jakobi and Betty Black demonstrated the first city bot: WienBot

Bots Meetup #7 31.01.17 Wirtschaftsagentur Wien
BotsHub Vienna is back in 2017 with #7 - the year of the Bots!

(please contact Jakob or David if you want to get involved)

== New Year Welcome ==
by Jakob und David

== Results from our Survey ==
Jakob will talk about community and the results of the survey.
If you havn't taken part here is the link again: https://goo.gl/forms/ mafJIGdoTrQ5UJ5O2

== ELEVATE - Europe's first Chatbot Accelerator Program ==
Get all the info about Europe's first Chatbot Accelerator Program:
http:// elevate.theventury.com/

== Showcase 1 ==
Artemis, Artnapper by Pamina & Christine

== Showcase 2 ==
BotList by Seth

== We support your Bot - Wirtschaftsagentur Wien ==
We will hear about the different possibilities of getting support from the Wirtschaftsagentur Wien und what they think about Vienna as a Bot Location.

Afterwards: mingle, brainstorm, exchange ideas, drinks ;)
Bots Meetup #6 27.09.16 Cisco Vienna
BotsHub Vienna is back! WOOP WOOP bot bot bot!

And we are back with the last main event of the year - there might be a small event in Dec though - Punch time ;)
And we have A LOT OF NEW STUFF!

Here is the packed Agenda:
Intro by David and Jakob
Report from the absolutly amazing ChatBotConf 2016
== TALK 1: NELA - A chatbot to improve your language skills ==
by Christoph Rumpel

== Showcase 1: myAustrian Messenger Service ==
How we managed to build the FIRST major brand general support Chatbot in EUROPE
by Jakob Reiter

== Showcase 2: ==
An Introduction to the Cisco Spark Platform
by Cisco

== TALK 2: ==
How to kill a bot with 10 requests
by David Mann

BotsHub Vienna Community

If you want to speak or showcase your bot, please get in touch with David orJakob.
Sharing is caring - spread the news!

Bots Meetup #5 16.12.16 Casinos Austria

This time, the super nice guys from Casinos Austria & Österreichische Lotterien are hosting our event. Due to entry restriction, we need to register everyone at the front desk. To make our lifes a bit easier, please register on eventbrite in advance if you are attending: https:// www.eventbrite.com/e/ botspot-vienna-meetup-5-tic kets-27604968203
(no worries, admission is still free)
Furthermore, please be on time, since we can't guarantee entrance after 6:45 PM.

As always we are going to have 2 talks and 2 showcases:

== Talk 1: User Expectations 101 - Exploring how we can meet and manage user expectations to build better bots ===
by Melanie Massinger

== Showcase 1: Mon Style - Where styles becomes personal ===
by Stephan Karner

== Showcase 2: goodbag ===
by Todor and Gerald
(How is this related to bots? You will see ;) )

== Showcase 3: Swelly ===
by Philipp Holly
Bots Meetup #4 30.08.16 Stockwerk Coworking
We are happy to announce that we are now coordinating the Community from an official FB Page Check out: www.facebook.com/ BotSpot.Vienna

As always we are going to have 2 talks and 2 showcases:

== Talk 1: HipChat ===
by Atlassian via Remote

== Showcase 1: Pokecoach ===
by Helmut Herglotz

== Showcase 2: Rapid chatbot development with my open source software ===
by David Mann

== Talk 2: Bots? Retro! - A bot framework from 2012 ===
by Gregor Jarisch
Bots Meetup #3 26.07.16 IBM
Hello Bot-Lovers!
All good things are #3 ... so more Bots! More innovation! More FUN!

Also we are switching location! Our host this time is the gande big blue IBM *TADA*

And here are the agenda points:
Welcome by David and Jakob
followed by a quick hello from IBM
and afterwards:

=== Talk: Mr. Hokify - start a conversation and increase reengagement with a job search bot on FB messenger platform ===
There are different challenges to start a conversation with a fb messenger bot right now. Facebook aims to start a conversation through a FB page, but the awareness to people about this "feature" is less known. So what are other possibilities to increase the number of new conversations and how to convert these acquired users to customers for your product.
by Simon Tretter

=== Showcase: zoomBot - how to give your bot conversation a human touch ===
When starting to programm our zoomBot one major questions was: How will it talk? If it has humor, which kind, how can we direct the conversation into a direction the bot understands and much more. All this without annoying our userbase. I will give insights into the process of developing the UX and how to test it.
by Bernhard Schaffer

=== Showcase #2 ===

=== Talk: IBM Watson always comes up with an answer, but how? ===
Do you really want to frustrate your bot users as they are the first one to ask a new and unknown question? The Watson API Retrieve and Rank is a user-friendly service for bot developers who want to be able to include relevant responses to questions, where those answers are not predefined but found in some large collection of documents.
By Manuel Fuchs, IBM Cognitive Computing

Afterwards there will be DRINKS and FINGERFOOD at the really really really (!) awesome location @ IBM.

As always if you want to give a talk or present your bot please post in the event so David and Jakob can get in touch with you.
Bots Meetup #2 24.06.16 TheVentury
Hello again!
After the phenomenal success of last time we are back for edition #2. More Bots! More innovation! More FUN!

Still not sure why you want to join? Start reading here:
https://orat.io/blog/ why-chatbots-will-transform -the-world-fast-than-apps- ever-could/

And here are the agenda points:
Welcome by David and Jakob then:

=== Level up your bot with Watson ===
The Watson Services by IBM combine 20+ services you can use to enhance your bot, from Natural Language Processing to Image Analytics and beyond.
by Sebastian Göttschkes

=== Showcase #1 ===
Toni, the Euro 2016 Bot - Beta
Toni is a bot that can give you information about the games of the European Championships 2016. He's a computer program pretending to be a human ;)
by Klemens Zleptnig

=== Talk #2 ===
Microsoft Bot Framework and luis.ai
Learn how to create a single bot for Facebook, Slack, Skype, Telegram and more with Microsoft Bot Framework. Then see how you can easily add natural language processing by using luis.ai.
By Bernd Hirschmann and Harald Schaffernak

=== Showcase #2 ===
A Success Story - Mica, the Hipster Cat Bot
Mica, the Hipster Cat Bot was the first chat bot in Austria that was released on the Facebook Messenger and Skype platform. She is a cat and a bot and helps you discover the best places in your city.

If you want to give a talk or present your bot please post in the event soDavid and Jakob can get in touch with you.

Afterwards we are going for drinks and codesharing!
So come thirsty!
Bots Meetup #1 09.05.16 TheVentury
Bot: "Hi how can I help you"
You: "I want to get into chatbots - where do I have to go"
Bot: "You are at the right place"

This is the first Meetup for Vienna Bots.

=== Talk 1: Facebook's Wit.ai - What that? ===
How to get into Bots the easy way with Facebook's Wit.ai
by Jakob Reiter

=== Talk 2: Telegram's Bot Platform ===
An introduction for developers to the most sophisticated Bot API
by David Pichsenmeister

=== Talk 3: Slack Bots ===
An introduction how to build bots for Slack and get them listed in the app directory. Best practice. Limitations. Transactional vs. Conversational.
By Mario Uher and Mike Heininger

Everybody is welcome & feel free to share this invitation!


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A short story about a Chatbot Wave started in Vienna.
Story by Irene van Carmen (script, direction, production, edition, animation, storyboard, art, sound design and played the reporter. More info at www.elevatednest.com.
Video from our monthly Bots Meetup#8.
Unfortunately the sound is really bad between 0:00-17:40 and 1:13:50-1:19:00 (but quite good 17:40-1:13:50 and 1:19:00-1:25:40)
Enjoy at least 70 minutes of it :)